For Tina Broby Hansen at 47 it’s not exactly hard to find kuvøseguf. She tumbles in the sultry offers in such a degree, that she can’t even turn in the cash machine on the site

And even though the new tv-cougar leash the young knøse around her little finger, has there yet been a specific incident where she felt uncomfortable.

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She had just invited a brash young date with home, when she suddenly regretted.

He reached to get his jacket, but then I got the feeling that he would not. We talked briefly, but I asked him immediately to go.

– So he got that wild look in the eyes, and I just managed to slam the door, for I could feel that he was ready to turn out for me. Right after he kicked my door and it was easier to run amok, tells the cougar-Tina.

It was not, because she was terrified. She has actually tried it, there were worse, she says. Nevertheless, the sad experience in her subsequent. She has since then spent a lot of time to correspond with the young suitors.

– This is why I would rather use the time to write a little with people in the field. All the Peaks and Bumble goes too quickly for my taste. People can pretend to be anyone, it is clear, tells Tina.

Photo: DR

And it was just what she thought, when one of the journalists behind the production of ‘Cougarjagt’ in his time turned to her. Here was the query whether Tina would like to be with in a program on mature women who like younger men.

– I thought: ‘yes Yes, and you are probably also astronaut’.

But it should, however, prove, that it was good enough. The journalist was invited home to Tina for an informal interview, but he kept the clothes on.

– He was just my type, laughs she.

the Final section of the ‘Cougarjagt’ can now be streamed on the DR. According to Tina not to be a new season of the popular program.

For Extra Magazine promises, however, she still reveals that she’s been dotted on the shoulder compared to another tv project.

– There is someone who really want to make a program only with me. But now we need to see, she says.