When the political parties kralbet Tuesday to continue negotiations to limit young people’s access to nitrous oxide, it will be with a new proposal on the table.

To his gambit adds the government: the proposal, to the sale of lattergaspatroner should be banned in kiosks across the country.

It tells the minister of trade Simon Kollerup (S).

– I think I can find that availability is a challenge, which makes that the consumption of nitrous oxide is high – especially in the metropolitan area where many drug stores have long opening hours.

– I’ll see if we can get the sale of nitrous oxide away from the kiosks and thus make it less accessible and less tempting, he says.

Already before christmas began the parties to negotiate on how to prospectively may avoid that more and more young people using lattergaspatronerne as an intoxicant.

the Cartridges are really intended for flødeskumssifoner.

the Initiative came after, among other things Giftlinjen and Roskilde Festival reported a large consumption of nitrous oxide.

Consumption can lead to nerve damage, acute hypoxia and in the worst case death, it said.

to address the problem, the government has already proposed to prohibit the sale to young people under 18 years and to restrict the sale to private individuals for two cartridges of eight grams.

at the same time, the government will increase the control and doubling the financial penalty for the shops, if they are selling nitrous oxide for use as an intoxicant.

But in spite of this believe economic and business affairs, it is necessary to go a step further and prohibit the sale in all the newsagents, he says.

– We can check as much. But if the availability is too great, then there are people who will continue to be tempted. And we can’t control everything, no matter how we go about it, says Simon Kollerup.

Question: Is it because I have been afraid to take this step, not have brought it up before now?

– There is no doubt that it is an intrusive step, if you say that there are any which are no longer allowed to negotiate a specific product.

– But there I have to say as a responsible minister, that the goal for us is to help young people. Although it is controversial to say that the drug stores or other should not be allowed to negotiate nitrous oxide, says Simon Kollerup.

the Danish people’s Party has previously stated that the party wants to limit the number of distributors of nitrous oxide. The Radical believes that you are not allowed to sell nitrous oxide, if you sell alcohol or tobacco.

Simon Kollerup says that all political parties in the starting point remains a part of the negotiations.

the Government hopes that an eventual agreement can enter into force before the summer.