Stig Tøfting stands by his word!

Good enough, Ekstra fodboldekspert cracked the 80-kilometer-long walk from his home in Viby J. Herning in three chunks … But horizontally across the long way, he has done that – even without that squeaky!

premier-League – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 16:27 Send B. S. to help Tøfting

Both the Thursday and on the 40-kilometer-long ’hardest stage in the race’ Friday, has he put the long leg in the front in the efforts to reach to the kick-off on Sunday at 18 o’clock on the MCH Arena between FC Midtjylland and AGF.

Stig Tøfting has had kampbolden with him in his backpack all the way from Aarhus.

on Sunday, taking the spiffy fodboldekspert with the bold predictions of the hole on the last stage of good 15 kilometers from the Strøgcentret in Ikast Herning – where none other than the FCM’s mental coach and former member of the rangers, B. S. Christiansen, has been sent out on the route to follow the dear Stig Tøfting on the road and selvfølgeilg also ensure that kampbolden will probably be for the Heat.

the Last stage of the ‘Stig-minoen’ was put in time at 13: 00, where there were met people up with support and gifts. Video: Claus Bonnerup

Of the place, the place, the Stig! Tøfting has relentlessly marched along highway 195 almost from Aarhus to Ikast – with reflectors and a head lamp in the darkness.

Sunday at noon, it was down in the lårtykke rays and the weather forecast did not promise any solution, before the Stig Tøfting according to plan should be reached to MCH Arena around at 16.30.

Extra Magazine follows fodboldekspertens last walk (in the rain) and take the temperature on mood regularly.

B. S. Christiansen has hopefully a solid peep talk in the sleeve, if there should be need for it because of the bad weather.

There was bajere on the route and the nice attendance, as Stig Tøfting took the hole on the last stage of the ‘Stig-minoen’. Video/editing: Calus Bonnerup/Henrik Houlberg

the FCM’s Claus Steinlein, of course, was also out to support Stig. Video: Claus Bonnerup


premier-League – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 19:19 Chug received as completely: – I’m so happy

the League – 15. dec. 2019 – at. 09:57 Tøffes wild bid: He can replace Stale!

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