Sunday won Holland his first WORLD cup gold medal in handball, as the Oranje-the nation’s women defeated Spain after scoring on a penalties with four seconds again.

the Order of straffekastet, however, has been debated extensively thereafter.

For the com, en Ainhoa Hernandez blocked a draft from goalkeeper Tess Wester.

Red card to the spaniard and penalties to the Netherlands, Lois Abbingh traded in the scoring to 30-29.

A controversial ruling meant more – including the Danish WORLD cup-keeper Sandra Toft.

– I think it is a disaster. It is cruel, and I really feel sorry for Spain right now. I do not think that she make any mistake. Such a blockade in front of the goal keeper I have tried a thousand times. It belongs with, so I think it is a great dommerfejl, she says to TV 2 Sport.

According to the rules, players like to block a draft, if they stay outside the goal area and does not touch the ball before it has come out of the field. The estimate of the judges weren’t the case – and it could not be checked on the video, then the sort of have not yet been admitted to the WORLD cup.

On the tv the pictures is actually also extremely hard to determine where the blockage takes place. Hernandez is demonstrably outside of the box, but as the ball the staying small two meters up in the air, must be estimated.

The big sportsavis Marca is certainly not in doubt that the order was completely out of the hemp:

‘Scandal! The judges stole the gold from Spain,’ sounds Twitter-lookup kampreferatet.

Also several Spanish herrespillere wonders. Among others, Albert Rocas, two times world champion with herreholdet:

‘I am ashamed of this sport. Regrettable. I have no words for it…’

his former landsholdskollega Juan Andreu furious:

‘Damn. What a damn shame. If I was the Spanish federation, I would send a video of the last order to the IHF. It will not give them the gold, but at least come the person is not to judge again.’

The Spanish women with the silver medal, despite all rejoice over the best result ever.

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