the Third time was to the walk.

To the great joy in Horsens.

Manager Bo Henriksen is thrilled for the former Birmingham player Louka Prip to the difference for AaB and Silkeborg.

The 22-year-old winger with the golden venstreben brought new points to ’yellow’, when Horsens went in hibernation with a deserved 2-1 victory over south Jutland.

After scoring directly on a corner kick for the 1-0, was Louka Prip man behind the hjørnesparket, which led to the second goal.

Louka Prip, which after adolescence in Brøndby, continued with the neighbours Hvidovre had been goals at both the AaB and Silkeborg, in Horsens struck on yet another shopping trip down in the second row.

– He has a divine spark. For training høvler he check in the corners, reads the words of praise from Bo Henriksen.

It is not only in the premier League, to the golden venstreben has been crucial.

Provisionally Louka Prip-listed for four goals in the best league and two goals in the cup, where Horsens is still in what has been an almost 100 percent ’this cup’.

Unlike the previous objective, where the word great has been gradbøjet and gradbøjet, was the Sunday targets one of the ’rare’.

A indadskruet corner kick from the right was allowed to pass through friends and foes, and ended up in the far corner.

So that was 1-0 to the home team, and the lead was doubled before the break, when Louka Prips corner from the opposite side hit a second earlier Hvidovre-player Mads Kiilerich.

the Trial got underway a foot from Michael Lumb, as the account came on the målscoringslisten.

– I don’t know why the clubs in Copenhagen is not looking against Hvidovre. I have no regrets, that it was to Horsens, as I have a contract for another three years, tells Louka Prip.

In an attempt to reverse the fight made the Border early in the 2. halvleh a double replacement, and that was not the game many minutes before the substituted Peter Christiansen was reduced to 1-2.

the Goal was not as expected the start of an offensive from the guests, who had to go in injury time, before there was a possibility for relief, as Kees Luijckx got moving, but the attempt went past the Horsens goal.

In the other end was grinding the home team also on to score once in a match, which beforehand looked like a målfattig place, but was to the party at least in Horsens and the surrounding area.

Tilskuertallet 1261 was close to hitting a low for the fall, but both Horsens self and Lyngby have previously had fewer spectators within.

– I have approved this autumn, says Bo Henriksen.

– After a spring, where we could not figure out how to play football, we had to make a turn around, which is to succeed fully.

– With a little more luck we could of had even more points than the 25 points. There is a lot of fighting, which have not gone our way, believe Bo Henriksen.