A six-year girl is killed and several others injured on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

the Island is Sunday, has been hit by an earthquake with a strength of 6.8. This was stated by the UNITED states Geological Survey (USGS) early Sunday morning, Danish time.

Several buildings crash together.

The six-year-old girl who died, lost their lives when a wall fell down over her. It informs the mayor of the town of Matanao, Vincent Fernandez.

He adds that there is not yet a full overview of the damage, but the authorities need water, food, blankets and tarpaulins to the inhabitants that are affected.

In the town of Magsaysay stated by a local official that 14 people have been injured, but none of them seriously.

More roads and buildings are destroyed, and there is no electricity, he says.

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Padadas citizens observe a building like that destroyed by the earthquake. Photo: Ferdinandh Cabrera

Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, was on a visit in the city of Davao, as he originally comes from.

He is unharmed. He and his daughter Kitty was in their house when the earthquake struck, said a spokesman for the president.

Immediately after the quake, the force was set to be 6.9, but it has subsequently been shown to be a bit less strongly.

the Earthquake is registered 28,2 kilometers below the ground surface and approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Davao city, which, with just over 1.6 million inhabitants is the third largest city in the Philippines.

It is expected that there may come the aftershocks.

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A vehicle is pinned under a house which collapsed due to the earthquake. Photo: Ferdinandh Cabrera
the Philippines was as late as the end of October, hit by several earthquakes. In this context, at least six persons, while at least 600 were injured.

A hit of regularly by the earthquake.

the Philippines is located on a 40.000 km-long belt of volcanoes that are located along the asian and american stillehavskyster.

Along the girdle, which is called ‘ildringen’, is triggered around 90 percent of all the world’s earthquakes. They occur when a kontinentalplade moves in under a second.

There is no danger of tsunami in the aftermath of Sunday’s earthquake, informs The u.s. Pacific Warning Tsunami Center, which is part of the international warning system for tsunamis.