Huxi Bach took Thursday off to an interview with Jon Bock, who is sitting in the rigsledelsen for the lot firm. But there awaited DR-host is something of a surprise, since the interview was going to go in time.

Suddenly appeared party leader Rasmus Paludan namely up and took over the management. It shows a video he published on YouTube.

– I’m Rasmus Paludan. I am a journalist at The Voice, he starts the meeting with the DR host.

Then he continues to ask about the Huxi know the presseetiske rules, and if he is here to exhibit a minor. Jon Bock is only 17 years old, and Rasmus Paludan believes that DR-host ought to have obtained permission from the parents.

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Huxi Bach will be quietly sitting in the chair in the course of the hour, as the video lasts. Here he comes around a part with Rasmus Paludan, who gets to ask questions for the tv host.

Here he will, among other things like to know how much he earns in salary, and it is true that he is one of the most lazy with DR.

– Now it’s Denmark’s Radio, and there are many lazy, it matches the satirical tv host is back and confirms that he at least is in the top five.

the Rasmus Paludan is also Huxi Bach to what he knows about muslims, and what the written basis for islam. Here are the two parties far from political agreement, it is apparent from the video.

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Huxi Bach is perfectly fine with being surprised by the Rasmus Paludan. Photo: Mogens Flindt/Ritzau Scanpix

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with Huxi Bach, who was interviewing Jon Bock as a part of the nyt√•rsudgaven of the DR2 program ‘the Week plus it solve’.

It was perfectly fine with us, Rasmus Paludan appeared, though of course we were sorry that we did not get to speak with Jon. Our goal was to get to talk to other than Rasmus Paludan, for it is all the time him speaking out.

However as Rasmus Paludan so anyway showed up, took the tv host accepted the invitation.

– It should then not be called out that I do not want to talk with Rasmus Paludan. It I’d like. So he was allowed to ask all the questions, he would say, Huxi, who was not surprised by the cash style, Tight Course-the leader met him with.

– It’s what he does. He was also dressed as a journalist and had very ostentatiously his press card around the neck. I thought it was almost sweet that he had dressed out. It must, he though. He is a man with many hats, you have to say.

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the Rasmus Paludan calls consistently Huxi Bach for the Christian, as he is baptized, while he also several times mentions the full name of the tv host’s wife.

– There are very many who know my full name, so it doesn’t mean a damn thing for me. With my wife I do not know whether it was a form of skr√¶mmeteknik, but if you search on my name on Google, so is my wife’s name one of the first things that pop up. She is not secret, and I’m happy for her, so it is perfectly fine, says Huxi Bach.

During the general election went Huxi Bach viral with an interview of the firm-folketingskandidaten Pernille Pedersen. The interview is Rasmus Paludan clearly unhappy with, and he accuses in the YouTube video DR-the host to manipulate the footage.

For Ekstra Bladet says Rasmus Paludan, that it is because of the interview that he showed up unannounced.

– We have experience with, that he can be quite manipulative of the unprepared, non-medievante members of our party, he says, and continues:

– Therefore, I think it was much better that I just interviewed him about what he had going in, instead of that he re-strung a person – in this case a minor boy.

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He had not, however, expected that the Huxi Bach would be so willing to answer questions, which he was.

I had not expected that he would answer questions in a whole hour, but for me it was excellent. I would have continued to the morning light, if he had been aware of it, for I had plenty of things to ask about, as it appears.

the Rasmus Paludan points out that the Huxi Bach could easily have found candidates who Pernille Pedersen of other parties than the Tight Course. He is, however, no doubt, why the choice just fell on her and Jon Bock.

– It is, after all, because he did not like that about me and our policy. Has he even said, and it also confirmed even in the interview I made with him. So it is, of course, because he has a political purpose. He is a political actor that will promote its political beliefs, ” says Rasmus Paludan.

In the course of the video, do the Rasmus Paludan part out to accuse Huxi Bach for ‘exploiting minors’ with regard to Jon Bock is just 17 years old.

the Rasmus Paludan regard to section 5B of the presseetiske rules, which he believes to Huxi Bach has violated.

‘There should be special consideration for children and other persons who cannot be expected to be aware of the impact of their opinions or other intervention. Through the publication of interviews or similar should parental consent be obtained, when the character of the subject and the minors ‘age speaks for’, it sounds.

Danish celebrity – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 13:45 English singer-establishment of anxiety and stress

Huxi Bach believes, however, that he has done something wrong.

– In this case, it is an interview with ungdomslederen of the firm, and he is a member of the rigsledelsen in the party. And that is the topic. It’s not about his personality, hobbies, hair, shoe size or anything like that, he says, and continues:

– It’s about his politics, his work. And, I would argue that we are on the ultrasikker reason, when we say that we should good without to ask his mother and father, he says, and notes that, if he comes in the same situation in the future, he will not ask the parents there.

The two sides agreed in the video, that they shall in future meet once a month for a conversation. Time will tell if it’s going to happen.

– I was even so excited to talk with him, but now we must see if he invites. So I will take it from there. The ball is with him, but you must also take care to give him too much speaking time. So I’ll just consider it, says Huxi Bach, as well can expect an invitation.

– I can promise you. It is clear that the modalities should be clarified. But I will suggest that it will be completely unedited, laid out, for I think it is the most honestly. As you can see, so is it (The Voice-YouTube-video, red.) completely unedited from start to finish, ” says Rasmus Paludan.

The full conversation between the two can be seen on YouTube.