Belgium’s former king Albert II on Monday and admitted that he is the father of a daughter who is a result of an affair, which he had for a half a century ago.

the Grant comes after a dna sample he was forced to take for just under a year ago, has proven to be positive.

The former king has until now consistently refused to be the father of the woman, the belgian artist Delphine Boël.

But in a statement on Monday recognizing the 85-year-old Albert that he is her ‘biological father’. He explains that he has decided to stop ‘agonizing’ paternity case, which has been going on since 2013.

Delphine Boël, the last two decades claimed that Albert is her father. His bounces got her to finally to bring the matter to a court.

The possibility had she not, however, before Albert abdicated in 2013, and passed the throne to king Philippe. As the regent was Albert above the law and therefore could not be prosecuted.

In may 2019 agreed Albert in to take a dna test in order to get the dispute settled once and for all. A court in Brussels had earlier imposed on him a fine of 5000 euros for each day he undslog themselves.

The now 51-year-old Delphine Boël has through the years maintained that her noble mother, Aybille de Selys Longchamps had an affair with Albert between 1966 and 1984.

Delphine grew up with his mother and her husband, Jacques Boël. But she got by a court upheld that he is not her ‘real’ father.

Albert took the throne of Belgium after his older brother, king Baudouin, died in 1993.

Although Albert in the 1970s admitted to have problems in his marriage with the later queen Paola, as he admitted never having had a child outside of marriage.

He has three children with Paola. Including the current king Philippe.

Marc Uyttendaele, who is a lawyer for Delphine Boël, says to the tv station RTL, to the abdicated king’s concession is a ‘relief’ for the Boël. Her life has been one long nightmare as a result of this quest for identity’.

Despite albert’s concession is the case of the ‘illegitimate’ daughter may not be over.

the Lawyer says so also to the RTL that his client has the right to inherit after Albert as any other of his children.