sad as the cast, the black tie a little carelessly tied, his smile wide – and so was Christian Eriksen ready.

At the scene, and here deserted the italians ‘ staging is not.

The world-famous opera house La Scala with gold and red plyssæder formed the backdrop for Inters presentation of Eriksen.

Classy and a lovely aria about how big of a procurement Inter see Christian Eriksen as.

Hopefully, the framework he the high C!

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Christian Eriksen at the first closed training session at Inter. Photo: Lars Poulsen

not that, Christian Eriksen must beat its folds, but let us just just with a Milan-skrædders precision seams that it is a fat switch!

Both Christian Eriksen and the team.

we Take the last first, so would skrækscenariet before the european championship finals, which even partially is in English because, be that Christian Eriksen came anstigende 100 kilometres from the kampform.

After half a year in Tottenham, where José Mourinho with the prospect of a sommerskifte had thrown Eriksen in frostboksen. Without the touch and the feeling you only get by playing matches at a high level.

married for the national team, which is a completely different size with the offensive-the weapon Eriksen in the form.

For Eriksen although it had also been a disaster, and he had hardly been able to lift the weight of crushing expectations, of course, there will be for him in the finals.

So Åge Hareide is probably a little more quiet man, with eriksen’s Inter-switch port – and we also hope that the national team crashing through to the summer, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Christian Eriksen had chosen Kobe bryant’s no. 24 before the basketball player’s tragic death. Photo: Inter

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Yes, we can’t change that he is taking a league-wise step down with the Serie A instead of Premier League – even if his salary goes up.

When he for three-quarters of a year ago was allerhottest, well, who dreamed we all together – reasonably – that a future address could be called Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus or Bayern Munchen.

one of the giants in international football. He may even have had a good feel, when he in the summer came out, that he wanted to try something new.

A report, when a switch was not for nothing, gave him a too bad, strained and unnecessary compared to tottenham’s fans.

how to set, for Eriksen was a dazzling play for Tottenham through several seasons – and ago Premier League debut has no players in the entire league, for example, been responsible for more assists than the klejne fynbo.

Here, he has put names such as Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard in to the wall.

What quite went wrong, and whether it was the miserable agentarbejde, is still one of the great mysteries about eriksen’s fodboldliv, but it was a pity goodbye with Tottenham.

well be disappointed that he now ended up in a club that no longer belongs to the largest in Europe. A club in addition to Christian Eriksen has picked Ashley Young and Victor Moses, who struggled tremendously with Premier League life.

Eriksen HAS landed in the layer of the second best teams in Europe, but is he a place where he can look forward to playing for a championship and cups.

A life, which the Tottenham within the next few years hardly come near.

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Christian Eriksen had an unfortunate parting with Tottenham, where the fans have been on the neck of him through much of the autumn. Photo credit: James Williamson – AMA/

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do not blame the Danish 27-year-old midtbanekreatør in wanting to try a new fodboldland and a new life, although the intensity, the interest and the hypen is only a fraction of it, as the Premier League attracts.

Inter? Yes, they have bought a verdensklassespiller in its best fodboldalder for over 150 million dollars. Clean bargain!

he Will be a success? Yes, he should since. Forza Eriksen!

the Pace is a little lower in Italy than in England, perhaps sitting markings a little closer, and the tactical discipline is great, but can be a big profile in the Premier League, so you can also, of course, be it in Serie A!

in any case, so he has all the tools to be ‘he will be back to Milan’. It is entirely up to Erksen itself.

Yes, there will be a lot of getting used to, but let us hope that he blasts scalaen …

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