Brøndbys owner, Jan Bech Andersen, is open, if there is interest in buying into the club, and a possible suitor, moreover, has the right ideas and thoughts about the club.

But the rumors about Red Bull was not just something that fell in the good soil of fans of the club.

21. January could InsideBusiness otherwise, report that the soft drink giant was allegedly interested in Brøndby, but from the Danish side, there was no great desire to invite us in for.

Brøndby-player Simon Tibbling could also follow, and he could see the banners around the stadium, which was against Red Bull.

– It came as a shock. It is something I’ve never been around before. There were very strong reactions from our fans, which was very clearly against it, ” says Tibbling to Fotbollskanalen.see.

– There has been much in the media about it, but I even is bad inside of what it really means. So it is difficult to say more, than that it came as a shock, he elaborates.

Jan Bech Andersen has denied that he has spoken with Red Bull.

Brøndby started with an emission, which may bring the club up to 156 million dollars. Close to 100 million dollars, however, goes to cover the debt that the club owes Jan Bech Andersen and Torben Bjørn Christensen.

With the same package, you also get access to the Copa del Rey, where you can follow, among others, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona!