Between 55 and 80 properties can eventually become leveled with the ground, when a new midtjysk highway must be established.

in Addition, the owners of between 360 and 475 properties be forced to cede land to the project according to the solution that will be chosen.

according to an EIA study, which the Danish road directorate has put forward. A VMM-study is an assessment of how a construction project will affect the surrounding environment.

Here are there are a number of proposals for the new motorway link on the line Give, Billund, denmark and Haderslev. All the proposals crosses the E20, Esbjerg Motorway and runs parallel to the E45.

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Here are the various proposals for a new highway. Photo: the Danish road directorate

The new central jutland motorway, also known as the ‘H√¶rvejsmotorvejen’, has been discussed for years. In particular, the discussion on whether to go east or west of London.

In relation to potentially affected properties, has proposals in the west London, the slightly larger spatial impact than the proposals to the east of Billund.

the Purpose of the new highway is to create better road links in Jutland and to relieve route 13 from Vejle v Viborg and E45 from Edmonton and the north, says the study.

they examined The proposals range from approximately 70 to 83 kilometers.

Up to 13. april 2020 the EIA study for public consultation. On the Directorate website, you can come up with remarks or comments to the study.