president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump is not worried, after the House of Representatives on the night of Thursday voted to ask him for a rigsret with stemmetallet 229 for and 198 against.

The typing of The White House in a press release a little after three o’clock Danish time.

– Donald Trump is ready for the next step and are sure that he will be acquitted, writes The White House, according to news agency Reuters.

Policy – 19. dec. 2019 – at. 06:00 Did you notice this detail in the House of Representatives?

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Overview: How it works a impeachment in the U.S.

* the Term ‘impeachment’ is understood differently in the US than in Denmark. In English this is called the ‘impeachment’, and in the UNITED states is the politicians who judges, not judges and lawyers.

* The u.s. constitution allows Congress to remove a president from office, if the latter has committed “serious crime”: for example, treason, bribery, or crime linked to the misuse of political power.

* Both Congressional chambers participating in an impeachment:

* In the House of Representatives needs a simple majority to raise one or more charges. Here the Democrats currently have a majority.

* the Senate then becomes the scene of the rigsretssagen. Chefdommeren by the supreme court should lead the process.

* The 100 senators act as a jury, while selected members of the House of Representatives is the prosecutors in the case.

* There is required at least 67 votes in the Senate for a conviction. President Donald Trumps party, the Republicans, have today majority with a total of 53 senatspladser out of 100.

Sources: The New York Times, CNN, NTB.

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See also: President Trump made for rigsret for abuse of office

the Announcement comes, after that the House of Representatives on two charges, relating respectively to the malfeasance and obstruction of Congressional work voted to ask Trump for a rigsret.

All of the republicans voted against it.

at the same time, with the vote held Donald Trump a vælgermøde in Michigan.

Here commented on the Trump card rigsretssagen.

– It doesn’t feel as if we are about to be asked for a rigsret, said Trump, according to the american media CNN, which led to great applause.

– With today’s illegal, unconstitutional and partisan vote for an impeachment declare the Democrats, their deep hatred and contempt for the american choose, said Donald Trump to support the night to Thursday.

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Overview: the Way to a impeachment


* biden’s son gets in 2014 member of the board of a Ukrainian energy company. The company is involved in a tax dispute in Ukraine, but there is no information about his son, Hunter Biden, is a part of the case.


* 18. July: Trump gives according to u.s. media orders to withhold nearly $ 400 million in militærhjælp to Ukraine.

* 25. July: Trump speaks with Ukraine’s president in a 30-minute phone call.

In september, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal describe that Trump the call has been trying to push president Volodimir Zelenskij to investigate Hunter biden’s business to a Ukrainian consortium for energy.

* 12. august: A whistleblower lodges in the american intelligence services a complaint to the inspector general for the intelligence services. Of the complaint, it appears that Trump has had a telephone conversation with a foreign head of state’, and that the call has aroused the concern.

* 11. september: Militærbistanden being given to the Ukraine.

* 24. september: Trump confirms that he has withheld aid to Ukraine. In several interviews, he denies that the assistance was withheld in order to squeeze Ukraine.

the President of the House of Representatives, democrat Nancy Pelosi, declares that man will commence a rigsretsproces against the u.s. president.

* 25. september: A five-page document with a transcript from the phone conversation between Trump and Zelenskij published by The White House. Bistandspengene is not mentioned in the published transcript.

according to the report, among other things, that Trump said:

– There is a lot of talk about biden’s son – that Biden stopped the prosecution, and that many people want to find out of it, so everything what you can accomplish together with the minister of justice, will be fine.

Biden went around and boasted that he stopped the persecution of the charges, so if you can look at it … It sounds terrible in my ears.

* 26. september: the Whistleblower reporting will be published by Congress. In that report, writes the whistleblower, among other things:

– I have received information from several government officials, that the UNITED states’s president uses his or her office the power to seek a foreign country’s interference in the us elections in 2020.

In the days after the phone conversation I learned from several officials that high-ranking officials in The White House had intervened to ‘shut down’ all the records on the telephone conversation.

* 27. september: A committee of the House of Representatives, rallies UNITED states secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, in order to get him to hand over documents relating to the contact with the Ukrainian government.

* 28. september: Donald Trump call Ukraine-the case for ‘the greatest scam in american policy history’.

* 29. september: Donald Trump writes on Twitter that he will meet personally with the whistleblower. He stresses that he believes that he is entitled to be allowed to confront his ‘charges’.

the Same day, reports the american tv-station CBS that the whistleblower is currently under federal protection because he fears for his safety.

* 30. september: Trumps personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, will be the regatta of the three committees of the House of Representatives. The committees require a number of documents issued in connection with the possible impeachment.

Sources: BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The White House, CBS, Reuters.

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the President called the whole affair a political suicide and undemocratic.

– After three years of vicious witch-hunt trying to Democrats to cancel millions of patriotic americans votes, said Donald Trump.

One of Donald Trumps biggest rivals at the upcoming presidential election in 2020, democrat Elizabeth Warren, wrote shortly after the vote on Facebook, that Trump must be held responsible.

Trump has abused our diplomatic relations, and undermined our national security for personal gain.

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the FACTS: Only three times has Congress led the case against the president

Nancy Pelosi, the democratic chairman of the House of Representatives of the UNITED states, will examine the possibility of impeachment proceedings against president Donald Trump.

the Announcement comes after Trump has come in the political headwinds in a case where he is accused of trying to push Ukraine’s president to find dirt on the democrat Joe Biden.

learn more about the process of an impeachment here:

* It only happened three times in US history that the country’s Congress has taken impeachment of the president.

In 1867-68 led a magtstrid between Congress and president Andrew Johnson to the impeachment of Johnson, which, however, was acquitted by a margin of one vote.

In 1974, went to president Richard Nixon, since it was clear that he would lose an impeachment in connection with the Watergate affair, where the president illegally had tried to stop a dommerundersøgelse.

In 1998, president Bill Clinton asked for a rigsret to have lied about his sexual relationship with an intern in The White House Monica Lewinsky. He was acquitted in February 1999.

* the two chambers of Congress are participating both in an impeachment.

In the House of Representatives, a majority raise an accusation that according to the constitution to include ‘serious crime’. It applies, among other things, treason, bribery, or crime linked to the misuse of political power.

Then the Senate’s 100 members conducts the domshandlingen, which required at least 66 votes for a conviction.

Ensure that there is a two-thirds majority for a conviction in the Senate, devoted to the president.

For the time being have the Democrats the majority in the House of Representatives, while president of Donald Trumps Republican Party has a majority in the Senate.

Sources: The New York Times, CNN, NTB.

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By asking him for a rigsret can he be held responsible, writes Elizabeth Warren.

speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi call the day of ‘a sad day for the UNITED states’.

– I could not be more proud of and inspired by the Democratic moral courage.

– We have never influenced them or asked what they will vote, she says, according to CNN.

Rigsretssagen is now being sent on to the Senate, which shall decide the matter.

Trump can be allocated, it requires a two-thirds majority – that is, that at least 67 of the Senate’s 100 members.

Since the republicans are sitting on a good half of the seats in the Senate, it will mean that a number of republicans to turn Donald Trump’s back, and it will hardly happen.