It got not much attention, since a smaller oil rig in the UNITED states last year was a huge release of metangasser after an accident.

But it has a new satellite and a research team just changed. The new satellite is designed to track the emission of methane gas from the air, and last year made it a disturbing findings.

According to the New York Times shows data from the satellite, namely, that the release of methane gas in connection with the accident in Ohio was the biggest leak ever measured in the UNITED states.

It writes the New York Times, according to

A research team consisting of Dutch and american researchers published Monday, the sobering data in a new study.

the Researchers write, however, that the satellite marks a major step forward, because the technology makes it possible to track methane emissions from the air.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, among other things due to oil and gas platforms around the world.

– We are entering a new era, where we with the individual observations and overflights can see emissions of methane that come from large emission sources, explains Ilse Aben, who is an expert in satellite sensors and one of the authors behind the new study.

She elaborates that with the new technology is possible to measure the metangasudslip from the room in virtually all corners of the world.

The accident happened in February 2018 at a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, which is extracting natural gas through fracking – a technique used in the oil and gas industry to increase the yield by drilling in the skiferlag.

According to the New York Times are the new findings to put the focus on that the release of metangasser from oil and natural gas is more widespread than earlier thought. the

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the Study also concludes that during the accident was released more methane, than what other nations emit with oil and coal in a full year, writes the New York Times.

the Satellite reveals, moreover, that it took Exxon Mobil almost 20 days to put a stopper in the discharge, but according to the company’s own researcher measured the do not have the same amount of the discharge of metangasser.

the Company has, however, agreed to sit down with the researchers behind the new study to be wiser on whether there has been an error in their calculations.

During the accident had approximately 100 residents within a radius of about 1.6 kilometers to leave their homes.

the Study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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