There was drama on and off the field, as Jürgen Klopps Liverpool played in the finals at the WORLD cup in Qatar.

Liverpool are in the final after a dramatic semi-final. They ended the match with 11 man on the field, but it was Monterrey coach Antonio Mohamed very unhappy with.

Joe Gomez bar already on a yellow card, when he took her arm to help in a duel for the ball. The north american champions got a free kick, but the Pione Sistos former coach would have liked, that the magic the second yellow card would hit the English midterforsvar.

There was the red card for Gomez, so I spoke with the judge. But maybe the Liverpool jersey more to say, so he was not deported, said Antonio Mohamed after the game.

Jürgen Klopp was ready to take the talk with Antonio Mohamed a little closer. Photo: Ibraheem Al Omari

the Coach’s significant protests resulted in a yellow card from the referee and great derision from Jürgen Klopp, who also seemed to invite the argentine coach over to his side of the technical field.

The German coach also scored a warning for his performance. You can see bataljen between the two coaches in the tv clip at the top of the article.

Liverpool to play the final against Flamengo on Saturday at 18.30.

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