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At the end of november, we received a letter in the Birthe Enrichment of e-Box.

the Letter was from the Payout of Denmark, but since Birthe, who is daily retiree and live in Viby J, opened it, she made big eyes. Forward appeared deeply personal information on another woman. A woman who lives at the other end of the country, as Birthe Gain do not know.

the Letter should never be sent to Leslie Gain.

She could, however, recognize the name, because the Payment Denmark once already had sent a similar mail wrong for her, which should be ended up with the woman, who lives in Koldby.

– I made them (Payout Denmark, red.) already aware of the problem the first time. Therefore it is thought-provoking that they can send an email wrong again, says Birthe Gain an Extra Magazine.

at the same time, she says that she fears that the letters with her personal information also has been sent to the other.

In the latest letter says, among other things, information about how much the woman from Koldby get in housing benefit, where she lives and her social security number.

Community – 6. nov. 2019 – at. 14:30 Paid immediately: Feel cheated by TAX

the Payment for Denmark to send annually ‘many hundreds of thousands of letters out to Danish citizens. Therefore, it is extremely important that such errors do not happen’, beats Mette Beck, chief press officer at ATP, which owns and operates the Payout Denmark, fixed above for the Extra Magazine.

at the same time, she deplores, to Birthe Gain have received the mail that was not intended for her.

‘I can well understand that Catherine is unhappy. We have investigated the matter and can see that there has been a very regrettable human error on the part of us where Birthes name has been put into the wrong case. We have fixed the bug now, and I must stress that no other citizens have been Birthes letters’, she writes in an email, and continues:

‘the Payment Denmark is looking very seriously at it here, and we called Gary and talked the matter through. In addition, we follow the rules for breaks, which also means that Leslie will be asked to destroy the other citizen’s letter. At the same time, we will send you an orientation and an apology to the citizen, who has been handed his information to Leslie by mistake’.

But a Gain confirms that the Payout of Denmark has contacted her and apologized for the error.