A television reporter, covering a jogging in Georgia, has drawn the headlines, after a video clip of that she was slammed in the behind a male runner has hit the social media.

Now reporter Alex Bozarjian decided to report the man to the police, because she, according to his own admission, felt harassed and offended by the man.

It writes NBC News.

Thomas gallaway’s, who is the man behind the incident is now under investigation.

Alex Bozarjian was out and the cover during Saturday, when some runners started to move in front of the camera, as she was talking to.

Suddenly came a male runs up from behind and slammed the reporter on the bum, before you see him run away from there.

‘For the man who slammed my ass on live TV here for anyone: You violated, objektificerede and humbled me’, she wrote on Twitter after the incident. The video of the abuse was also in the 23-year-olds lookups.

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Many women in the same situation
On CBS This Morning told Alex Bozarjian, that she believes, tweetet was so large, because many other women have been in the same situation.

– What this was about was, actually, that this here man took something from MY body. He goes away from the other runners come up behind me and he slaps me hard. It was a right sore battle, she says in the interview.

Thomas Callaway called the tv station WSAV twice to apologize and tell you that it was not his meaning to hurt her.

– I don’t actually debate, because it is me, who knows if it did hurt, she says in the interview.

even Though the reporter has received much support, there are also several who have written to her that it was her own fault because she stood in the ‘firing line’.

– Maybe it’s because people don’t know so much about making the tv directly, does it sound in the interview.

Photo: WSAV-TV

‘very sorry’
Thomas gallaway’s after eisoden been banned from all races in the future and to the tv station he says that he accepts the punishment, and that he is sorry.

– I am glad to have the opportunity to share my apology. It was a terrible action and a big mistake. I’m not the person that people exhibit me as a. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. I ask for forgiveness, and I pray that my apology will be accepted, he says.

Alex Bozarjian is now considering whether she will accept the apology.

– I think the most important thing is that he took my control, and I try to take it back. And regardless of whether I forgive or not, so I will take my time to decide it.