A rescue team will on the Friday soon after dawn try to bring all the toll from a volcanic eruption in New Zealand earlier in the week away from the island of White Island.

The police in New Zealand on Thursday morning local time, according to news agency Reuters.

the rescue workers will include eight people.

– the Team will do everything possible to retrieve all equal, says deputy police commissioner Mike Clement.

– We can see six corpses on the island. The first priority is to get them away.

He adds that the rescue workers will be looking for two other persons, which is also believed to have died in the outbreak, but that can not be seen from the air.

This assumes the authorities, the total death toll at present is 16 persons.

the Volcano on White Island, which lies to the east of New Zealand’s pacific, went on Monday in the outbreak, while there were 47 tourists on or near the volcano.

Eight people are confirmed dead, more severe burns. The last eight is assumed to be perished on the volcanic island.

the Risk that the volcano will erupt again, has meant that rescue workers have not yet been able to remove the dead from the volcanic island.

Friday’s rescue operation is associated with the danger for the rescue workers, stresses vicepolitikommiss√¶ren.

– do not Expect that the risk changes in the course of the night. This plan is not without risk, he says.

There has been criticism that the authorities did not previously have made attempts to reach the island.

Brother to a tourist guide, who was among the first who were presumed to have died on the island, told new zealand television that the process has been “lack of leadership”. It writes the AFP.

Mark Inman believes that fast and probably could have gotten the dead away from the island with help from helicopter pilots like himself, who “knows the island inside out”.

He says, that he earlier in the week asked the government for permission to fly out and retrieve his brother’s corpse, but that it was rejected.