There is a lot of work both prior to and during the filming of the actors in the TV2 christmas calendar ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’, which is currently rolling across the screen every night.

It told the actor Esben Dalsgaard, who plays the goblin Cave from the Minedalen, a little bit about, when viewers earlier in the week to be able to send questions to him via chat.

Here is Esben Dalsgaard as the goblin Saga from the Minedalen. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

Among other things he told here, that it had required many preparations to get the look as Grot, in advance should be recorded:

I took 25 pounds to be big as a Grot. It was easy to take them on. I ate so much white bread and chocolate, drank chocolate milk and ate lots of gravy. I got up at two o’clock of the night to drink a half gallon of chocolate milk and eat a piece of bread with butter. What sets! It requires so a lot of training to get them away again, he explained on Danish

– I also had to let my beard stand for a long time, so it was far. Now it is cut shorter, because I play a role as a doctor. But I can’t actually remember if I even used to have a beard. When I was doing the television series ‘1864’ (2014, red.) I got a big beard for the first time. And since I have had a hard time getting by with it, because I must have the beard in the roles. I believe that I have been clean-shaven twice since, continued the actor, and added that it was difficult for him to play the Cave:

– Grot is not at all like me. I took many of the pounds, grew a huge beard and big hair. It was both physically and mentally difficult, because Groth is not the sharpest. I’m probably not, but I may be a little better.

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See ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’ every night at 20: 00 on TV2 and TV2 Play. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

While the Grot in advance is a big, strong fairy, who according to himself is not afraid of anything, Esben Dalsgaard a big fright, which really got put him to the test during filming.

– I have a massive fear of heights, and when we shot the scenes at the Himmeltårnet (Skovtårnet in Rønnede by Poole, red.) I thought that was really far down. I had once a very bad experience with a parachute, which is not folded out, he explained on Danish and continued:

– the Lines on the was twisted. So I kicked with my legs to get it to unfold. It took probably a few seconds, but it felt like a long time. When I was going over Langebro in Copenhagen some days after, I should just not be close to the edge! And it has stuck ever since.

Fortunately, should He not worry about dragging a heavy stone, while he had focused on his højdestræk. The stone, which was up in the tower, was in fact made of papier-mâché.

– It was actually challenging to get it to look heavy out. We should also put us on it, and when we arose, wiggle it a little bit. It would a heavy stone would not need to do, so I had to raise me gently, and told Esben.

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