The so-called ‘bushfires,’ (fires in the wild) is known as a dangerous phenomenon in Australia.

At the moment, however, it is extra bad in the country, and therefore has several cities have been forced to evacuate its citizens, while at the same time people are encouraged to escape from the country.

according to Reuters, talk about the 17 dangerous fires in the wild, and in addition, there are up to 50 places, which at present stands in less flames, according to the nyhedsbereauet.

It is especially in the large north-eastern state of Queensland, to the fires currently raging across the australian landscape. Already in the end of september fought the firefighters in the state against the fierce flames as a result of the fires.

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It is especially clouds like these, as the citizens are currently being met in Australia. Photo: Sharon Heyme/Ritzau Scanpix
The dangerous fires in nature are, however, at present, to spread, and a dangerous humidity moves in over the north coast at Port Macquarie, which is located about 400 kilometres from Sydney.

Therefore calls on the fire brigade New South Wales Rural Fire Service to immediately flee from the affected areas or seeking shelter and keep all doors and windows closed.

The fires are really dangerous. If you are in the vicinity of the fires, your life is in danger, and that is why you need to respond to protect yourself, says a spokesman from NSW Rural Fire according to Reuters.

Earlier in the month were more people killed in Australia as a consequence of the dangerous fires. It is supposed also, that it is one of the worst seasons with fires in the wild ever in the country.