Jordan Northover and Ashley Smith have now both admitted they tried to rob Arsenal-players Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil in London in July.

When Smith have long since admitted his guilt, have Northover is now finally also krøbet to the cross and admitted his role.

The 26-year-old briton pleaded in Harrow crown court guilty in an attempt to steal belongings from the players at Platts Lane in Hampstead in northwest London, 25. July.

This seems the case, that have racked the two players, as well as Özils wife in a part months gradually approaching its end.

It must have been hard for Northover and Smith to hide themselves, after overvågningsbilleder have caught the episode, as you can see above.

And the pictures fit perfectly to Mezut Özils version, which he gave in The Athletic – the first time one of the two commented on the attack to the media.

We looked at each other for 10-15 seconds. We might have thought that they would take a picture or something – it’s happened before. But then we noticed that they had a weapon. They saw clearly the big car, and because the Sead had just given me something, so they must have seen that he had an expensive watch on, told Özil to The Athletic.

‘Give us your watch,’ said one of overfaldsmændene to Kolasinac, however, does not let himself be deterred on. He stood quite still before he took a step forward and allegedly tried to take the weapon, the man threatened him with.

The two assailants were clearly unsafe and rushed to pick out on the street, as Kolasinac responded.

– I saw a chance to run. If they had gotten a hold of my wife, there could be happened something terrible with her. It went so quickly, that you are not thinking clearly. I drove a little forward and back to get the moped away. I cried out to the Sead that he had to jump into – and so did he, thankfully, told Mesut Ozil.

It was not, however, end here. The robbers followed the car.

I drove very fast, but they were coming close. I tried to move the car, blocking them. I wanted to flee, but they were there all the time. My wife was extremely scared, told Mesut Ozil.

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