for years it on rygtebasis sounded, that the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashian’-the participant Kris Jenner and O. J. Simpson had an affair, and that the former NFL star would be the father for He Kardashian.

Several times they have both, however, denied all the rumors about the affair reportedly happened while Kris Jenner was together with Robert Kardashian, who was defense attorney for O. J. Simpson when he was accused – and later acquitted – of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

however, It has not put a stop to the rumors, and in the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, who Sunday night ran over the american tv screens, the family was once again confronted with the rumors. It writes the Daily Mail.

In the section read Kim Kardashian up from an article from Page Six about the documentary ‘Who Killed Nicole?’, where O. J. Simpson’s former manager Norman Pardo, reveals intimate details of Kris Jenner and the former NFL player.

the Article describes how O. J. Simpson would have boasted of to the Norman Pardo that he had had sex with Kris Jenner, which ended up in the hospital, because he simply was too well-armed.

– O. J. Simpson once boasted that he had sex with his wife’s best friend, Kris Jenner, in a jacuzzi. Simpson claimed, allegedly, that the size of his manhood sent Kris Jenner in the hospital, read Kim Kardashian in the section up from the article.

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Kris Jenner is listening shocked, while her daughter reads from the article, which among others, contains phrases like: ‘I fucked the bitch, I destroyed her’. And she is far from impressed by what she hears.

– I’ve firstly never heard of the person (Norman Pardo, ed.). And it has never happened. The fucking shit. It is just the lie on the lie on the lie on the lie, and it is limited what a person can cope with, say, a Kris Jenner in tears that later in the call history for any bullshit.

O. J. Simpson, who in October 2017 was released after nine years in prison for an armed robbery attempt, commented on the rumors as late as July. Here he dismissed in a video on Twitter again all and said that Robert Kardashian was like a brother to him.

– But will never – and I stress, never – have I in any way had an interest in Kris – romantic or sexual, and I have never gotten indications that she had to have it in me. So all these stories are fake, the bad and the tasteless.

– I am proud of the He in the same way, which I’m proud of all the girls. Just as I know that Bob would be if he was here. But it is simply a fact that she is not my, he pitched solid in the video.

O. J. Simpson has been on the loose since he was released two years ago.

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