Denmark’s perhaps most well-known fairy – Pyrus aka 59-year-old Jan Linnebjerg – was in august their licence in three years because of drink driving.

– Have your spritdom had an influence on your events – so you’ve got less to make up for christmas this year?

– I will not say. It is the last round, so there is reasonable demand for Pyrus, says Jan Linnebjerg to the Extra Magazine, which last year announced that he intended to send the popular pixie retiring after this season, which, incidentally, is number 25.

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In september he told openly in the TV3 programme ’To dinner with …’ about its own problems:

– I have a drinking problem. Not such in everyday life, but I am well, you call kvartalsdranker, he said in the program.

But this problem has not affected the demand on meeting the spirited pixie. Looking forward to christmas to Jan Linnebjerg out with nissehuen about 30 times, he says, and adds, that Since the even also is at work on the christmas eve.
Jan Linnebjergs wife, Karen, is driver, when he is around in the country. Photo: Mogens Flindt
– Without having to wade in it must be inconvenient to perform all over the country, when you’re not allowed to drive a car, for I go not out from that, you have a sleigh with reindeer?

– Well, almost. My wife is running me. She is my little nissehjælper, and it is lovely. We get a lot of quality time together, when we are on the road, and also some cosy nights ‘ hotel accommodation. So you can say that nothing is so wrong that it isn’t good for anything, he says.

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