Sweden when not semifinals at the european championships in handball.

It is a claim that might yet prove to be wrong, but after the first mellemrundekamp against Portugal on Friday evening, the smells not just of the metal to the blue-and-yellow friends on the other side of the Øresund.

Sweden is last in its group with zero points and must win its last three matches – and at the same time, cross your fingers that the a number of other matches fall in their favor.

the Next round of manegen at Malmö Arena on Sunday against the neighbors, rivals, and big brother for the time being, Norway.

But before it get there, who licked the wounds of the Swedish hooks after the nightmare against Portugal.

This far from the scary big key from the iberian peninsula, there has really bared its teeth at this finals, and now looks like a possible semi-final candidate.

– It is a collapse. We so heavy and tired. We deserved to be beaten. They played well, and we did not, it came dry and true from Linus Arnesson to Expressen after the terrible, terrible 35-25 defeat.

Kim Ekdahl du Rietz in the breakthrough against Portugal on Friday. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT/Ritzau Scanpix

It was never good for the swedes on Friday night. Or … they were in front 7-6 after a quarter of an hour. But it didn’t. Portugal got hold of the fight and went to the break ahead 15-12.

2. half was 30 minutes of torment for Arnesson and co. 20-17 was to 24-17, and so was the battle closed. Ago it seemed, that the Portuguese scored twice, every time Sweden scored a single. And so it is difficult to come back.

We ask for forgiveness. We are ashamed. This must not be done at home, but that sounds a big thank you to those who came and supported it, said Luke Nilsson after the match, that in terms of impact is the worst for the Swedish national team at the finals, in five years.

One of the many slukørede swedes, who felt a kind of impotence, was Magnus Wislander. The giant of the mighty 1990’s-the crew could hardly believe his own eyes.

– It is not just the digits, such as Sweden lose with, which is awful. It is the performance. We were completely outplayed. Complete disaster, he said.

TV6’s ekspertkommentator, Robert Perlskog, was frustrated.

– What udklassering. It is not Norway or France, it is Portugal. Sweden was dressed up of the, it came.

Martin Frändesjö, previously successful manager for Sweden, is surprised, indeed almost shocked, over the Swedish crew mode.

– I wonder to myself … how weak we are physically and mentally? We were dressed completely. The whole tactic is getting thinner and thinner. I can’t figure out what the plan was, he said in the tv studio at TV6.

And now waiting for Norway then.

A hard sneeze for Sweden against an opponent who has been in the past two WORLD cup finals.

– It does hurt very much right now. We need to show our fans more on our home ground. It is not over yet, we have three fights back, says Linus Arnesson.

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