The world-renowned rapper Eminem released on the night of Friday 11. album by the name of ‘Music to Be Murdered By’.

A controversial tekstbid from one of the songs on the album have already created big problems for the rapper, who has been the subject of a shitstorm on the social media.

It writes the BBC.

the Criticism is due to the text: ‘I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game. Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting’ from the song ‘Unaccommodating’.

the Line being followed by the sound of a bomb, jump in the air.

Tekstbidden regard to the terrorist attack, which was committed to a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester 22. may 2017. Here killed a suicide bomber 22 persons.

And for more users on the social media Twitter is the reference, far from the fall in good soil. Here is even declared the Eminem fans out with the rake.

‘I love Eminem, but the guy has a line in his new song that makes fun of Ariana Grande concert bombing, followed by a eksplosionslyd …”, writes a user on the media.

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‘You are so repulsive, I hope you know it. What you said was unnecessary and so hurtful for so many people’ tweet to another user for the rapper.

‘What the fuck is wrong with #Eminem? I have to disagree with him in this text, because it was a traumatizing event for the people that were present in 2017. Some people died. Ariana was traumatized by the incident. I know he says crazy things, but this is over the limit!’ writes a third.

Yes for more gun control
the Album’s hovedsingle, ‘Darkness’, speak otherwise for a tightening of gun control in the UNITED states. The end of the music video consists of a montage of american news reports from some of the recent years, many masseskyderier in the country.

the Montage ends with the text ‘When will it end? When enough people go up in it.’

the Rapper calls then its fans to sign up to be able to vote in the upcoming presidential elections with the words: ‘Let your voice be heard and help change the våbenloven in America.’

Eminem has not yet responded to the criticism of his lyrics.