In Australia to Sheree Panetta from Sydney to pay a fine of approximately 1550 kroner, 337 australian dollars, after the passenger next to the sad on the phone. It can the Daily Mail reported.

the Passenger used the Facetime app, where you can make calls with video to each other.

And it was Sheree not aware was prohibited.

‘Tell your passenger that he / she does not need to sit on the phone while you drive. I got a fine because my sat on FaceTime. To be honest, so I had no idea it was public’, writes Sheree on Facebook.

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On Facebook is the ad has been shared more than 33,000 times by sympatiserende users.

Many of them have difficulty to understand the issued a fine and expresses outrage over the.

‘What a joke’, writes multiple users.

‘I can understand, you give the fines to the drivers who sit on the phone. But when it is the passenger that does it? It is too much, I think, is that a user who is typing.

‘Interssant. So, what about GPS? Or smoking, coffee or water bottles?’, commenting on another.

the Reasons for the fine is that there was talk about a ‘vessel with a TV or video object, which could interfere with’.

however, There is a good reason why the fine was issued. The offence is one among a number of new laws in the New South Wales region in Australia.

so if you Have dice hanging from the rearview mirror or the stickers on the rear window, it can be seen as a ‘distraction for the driver’, which is an element that can throw a fine imposed by himself. Like Sheree was out for.

the Objects are only prohibited if they are considered to be distracting.

Why should GPS and other equipment to be mounted in a position that does not block visibility for the driver.

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