All McDonald’s restaurants in Peru will be closed the next two days, after two employees died.

The two employees perished in a McDonald’s restaurant in Lima, when they did the kitchen sodavandsmaskine clean and then tangle with electricity, which, according to police in Peru were the cause of both died.

The two employees were only 18 and 19 years old, and the dead supposedly on Sunday morning.

It writes the british The Guardian.

According to The Guardian, there have been big protests because of the two employees of the strangeness of death, and several of the staff on a number of McDonald’s restaurants have reportedly refused to go to work.

It is in particular, the security circumstances, as the employees are dissatisfied with, and therefore they chose to demonstrate in front of the restaurant in Lima, where their two colleagues died tragically.

And it has got all the McDonald’s restaurants in Peru to turn the key on for a while. On Twitter confirms fastfoodkæden so, to all the restaurants in Peru will be closed the next two days, until you have investigated the matter further.

McDonald’s may get a large fine for the lack of security, as Peru’s authorities of the security is entered in the case.