the entertainment value of up to call, as Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig on Tuesday night played 3-3 in Bundesligaens topkamp.

That was a beautiful goal, målmandsdrop and big errors in a showdown that Dortmund should have won.

But after the 2-0 at the break came Leipzig, who had Yussuf Poulsen on the pitch in the first hour, back and got 3-3.

Thus maintains Leipzig first place with 34 points from 16 matches, while Mönchengladbach follows with 31 points on 15 matches. On the third place has Dortmund 30 points and 16 showdown.

Dortmund are in a good period of time, where it’s also been advancement in the Champions League, and the home owner as also of gambling in the first half.

Several big chances were abused, before there came a hole in the abscess midway in the first half.

Julian Weigl took the chance outside the box, and the shot went in via the keeper Péter Gulácsi, who is not so all to the good in the situation.

by Contrast, the goalkeeper’t put much up, when Julian Brandt scored to 2-0 after 34 minutes. Brandt twisted around a defender and scoring in confident style after a mønsterangreb.

Shortly before the break had Yussuf Poulsen as a big hovedstødschance, which was saved, but the man felt not, that Leipzig would come back and get points in the fight.

But it was just what happened in an entertaining and varied second half.

There was just the game a minute, when Yussuf Poulsen sent a high ball towards the Dortmund defence, but goalkeeper Roman Burki had seen the danger and stormed out of goal to head the ball out of the danger zone.

However, he hit the ball so crooked, that Timo Werner could intercept it and score to 1-2 in the empty goal.

But Dortmund were not finished with the handing out early christmas presents. In the middle of his own half would Julian Brandt to send the ball back to own goalie, but Timo Werner came back from, and he afdriblede the keeper and equalized for 2-2 after 52 minutes.

Dortmund beat the dog back quickly this time. Just two minutes later exploited Jadon Sancho the fine presentations from Marco Reus, and it was 3-2. But not this time could Dortmund keep fixed.

With 13 minutes left the ball was sent deep into the Dortmund box, where the keeper Burki in the first place, fending off the situation, but the ball ended up in Patrik Schick, who levelled the game to 3-3 on the riposten.

Dortmund pressed in the final phase, but it was by pointdeling.

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