As an Extra Leaf could tell in the last week, will be the 41-year-old Inge André Olsen new team he will play in the Danish superliga club AaB.

It confirms the people in north jutland on Wednesday on their website.

Inge André Olsen is coming to Danish football after having been in charge of Stabæk Fotball in the top of Norwegian football for nine seasons.

– In connection with the recruitment of a new team he will play we selected, after careful consideration, four candidates from our bruttoliste with topics, and in all four cases, we were in subsequent conversations confirmed that the respective person would be able to perform the job to which team he will play in the AaB at its shape, says ceo Thomas Bælum.

Inge André Olsen’s work to build Stabæks football academy up to be among Norway’s best has been among the reasons for the AaB has looked mild on him.

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– He has done good transferresultater and has a large network, as he is skilled, communicative and has a reputation for exercising an inclusive leadership, which is why we have great expectations for the cooperation, says Thomas Bælum.

AaB fritstillede in October Allan Yards from the position as sports director. Since the job has been downgraded to the team he will play for, while earlier in december downloaded Søren Krogh in FC Nordsjælland to the role of a fodboldchef – a role with focus on talent development.

Inge André Olsen has previously played football at the highest level in Norway – for Stabæk Fotball, Strømsgodset IF and IK Start.

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