the COURT OF FREDERIKSBERG: the Case of the killing of radio host Nedim Yasar began Monday morning, and after the prosecutor’s presentation of the case, it was time for the two accused to explain themselves.

In the case is 25-year-old MS accused of having run flugtbilen, while the 26-year-old is accused of having fired the fatal shots against 31-year-old Nedim Yasar. Both refuse to commit.

OF is a full member of the Satudarah, and it has previously been described, that he achieved this status in were full members at the beginning of december – that is, shortly after the killing of Nedim Yasar.

It has been suggested that the full membership could possibly be the thanks for having participated in the killing.

But at today’s hearing explains that there was a special reason for it 5. december 2018 came forward, that he was now a full member. In fact, – he explained at today’s hearing – he was already a full member, when it was published.

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Nedim Yasar was killed early on the evening of 19. november.

At today’s hearing he explained that he had been a full member at the beginning of november, or at the end of October. There he had, however, been ill, and was therefore the publication has been postponed.

the 112 – 20. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:30 Random cyclist witnessed the killing of radio host

Both defendants have explained, that none of them knew Nedim Yasar.

– I first heard about him when all the articles about the killing came, telling OF the.