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More realitystjerner, there also is influencere on social media like Instagram, to stand up and tell to the BBC Victoria Derbyshire, how they have been offered several thousand pounds for sex, and other agreements with men who find them on social media.

It writes the BBC.

– It is just an expensive form of prostitution. It is scary to think that they write to me, because the writes probably the same for all sorts of other, tells the Tyne-Lexy Clarson, who has starred in the british version of the realityprogrammet ‘Love Island’.

she says She has been offered 50.000 pounds, equivalent to over 400.000 Danish kroner for five nights in Dubai, where she had to sign an agreement not to tell about the trip.

She said no. But she fears some of the new realitystjerner perhaps will not do it, because they all want to have the nicest and most expensive things.

– It is a lot of money for some people. It can change your life to have so much money, she says.

Tyne affirms that she has not done it myself, but that she can understand young girls without the same means will be tempted. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Rosie Williams, who also has been in the ‘Love Island’, tells that she was offered 100,000 lbs plus all the clothes and the bags, she could desire, if she chose to be ‘girlfriend’ for a man in Dubai.

To the BBC, she has shown the messages she recently received from a man from Dubai.

Here it says that she surely is surprised to hear from him, but that he has a ‘major transaction’, he would like to discuss with her.

That, she says, is a normal way to formulate desire for the company for the money.

Rosie Williams would, according to his own admission, never be tempted by the offer, although there are large sums involved.

She says that she is surprised that it was a part of it to become famous.

– You will be warned that someone may be searching on the web, you are warned that your life will change, but you will not be warned that there are men who will try to buy you.

According to her, however, it is not something that you talk about in the circles of realitystjerner and influencere.

– We are either not in a position, where it is necessary to talk about, so we do not. Or has anyone done it, and so ashamed they feel about it and will not talk about it, she says.

People in the industry are talking not about that there is a grey area-prostitution. Photo:ITV/Shutterstock

the BBC has seen several messages through from the female influencere, who have received offers of sex for money from men directly or from agents tells us that they work for some rich clients.

In the group ‘Object’, that campaigns against the sexual objektificering of women, they understand that the women say ‘ yes ‘ to the offers.

the Women, who do such a thing, will not hear, that it is prostitution. But the reality is that they sell their bodies for money. The men who contact them, often offer everything that the women need to ‘succeed’ as influencere, tells Heather Brunskell-Evans from the organization.

A spokesperson from Facebook has commented that it is not tolerated to have ‘sexual services’ via Instagram, and that they are working hard to get excluded the individuals who make it.