Since Saturday, was held TV Price 2020, it was a special woman, who ran with the attention.

TV2-host Natasja Crone years, namely with the award as this year’s host, and she used her acceptance speech to send a suppository to Anders Lund Madsen, who was host at the awards ceremony.

– Now we’re talking about female tv hosts, stilettos and wrinkles, it sounded from Natasja Crone from the scene.

She continued:

– my first program as 24-year-old wrote Ekstra Bladet, that I looked like an old hag. It is not to destroy the bad mood, but it was you who wrote it, Donald, said she addressed to Anders Lund Madsen, who has previously worked as a journalist on just Extra Magazine.

It got the audience to stand up and give big applause.

The unexpected comment made Anders Lund Madsen for something forfjamsket to say ‘sorry’, while he, however, boldly continued værtstjansen and his jokes.

‘Natasja Crone from TV2’s epoch-making tv-bet, Planet Denmark, using too much powder. When TV2 now have been given this deeply original ide like to run the hand-held camera in superclose and never completely at rest, then sminkøren so be very careful with værtindens powder. I think Natasja-the girl looks like somehow an old bitch with all the putty knife. Natasja is otherwise a lovely girl. Not a day over four and a nice open and naive in its infantile tendencies. Yesterday, it was about the media, but it was alliegvel not, for it can be just as much in The Global Village and on the Internet, and what Planet the editorial board otherwise copied by the eight-month-old foreign productions of similar forudsigeligheder. But beware of the powder, Natasja. And hold, for God’s sake the camera in motion, it is the only thing that moveth in the program’, it sounded from Anders Lund Madsen in the notification, which is written in the Extra Leaf back in 1995.

the Episode has subsequently been featured in several media and has created great debate among several well-known figures, several of whom have gone to the keys on the social media.

Vicki Berlin lashing out at Anders Lund Madsen on social media. Photo: Mogens Flindt

One of them is an actor, Vicki Berlin, who himself was present for the award ceremony. In a posting on Facebook langer she sharply out after Anders Lund Madsen and his behavior to the TV Price.

Danish celebrity – 19. jan. 2020 – pm. 09:24 Send hefty suppository to well-known tv host

‘Now I was in the hall and heard Natasjas brave comment. I stood up and clapped. It was a special moment. Now, the EB so that Anders Lund Madsen said sorry. I will not call it. After all, the word pardon included as in the words which subsequently poured out of the mouth of him. But like so many other men, his pride obviously does not tolerate an honest and unreserved apology, when you have dummet out,’ she writes, and continues:

‘He silly out of it and ridiculed the situation, which caused him to appear as a very small man. A situation I myself have been in many times, when you say from the opposite men’s advances – so there is a ridicule in the wait. Sad – he could have come out of it in a big way and shown to the industry and himself have been none the wiser. Instead he was just poor. Congratulations to Natasja – with it all,’ she writes on.

For Extra Magazine elaborates Vicki Berlin, how she experienced the incident.

– It may well be that the word sorry came out of Anders Lund Madsen’s mouth. But I perceived it not as an excuse. It is not an excuse, when you stand and ridicule it afterwards to joke with it. Natasja was neither unpleasant or degrading in any way, ” she says, and continues:

– Anders Lund Madsen should have said sorry and taken it in and be honest, in that situation he was suddenly a very small man. You will be only greater by to say I’m sorry. We all have made mistakes and is going to make it.

– Why do you think it is an important debate to take?

– I think it is a really important debate to take. We women are not just sippede. It is a real problem, which goes much deeper, and as many men do not see or do not understand. It is therefore important that a mature and beautiful woman like Natasja may stand up and say that it is not okay. How much powder she has on, has no significance in respect to her skills, and it is what makes it wrong. As soon as we are women, we need to focus on how our breasts look like, whether we have the right clothes on. It is really annoying, for it has nothing to with our capabilities to do.

– Have you even been out for such some experiences?

– I don’t think there are many women who can say that they have not been exposed to a meto-experiences. I have even had the glaring examples, which I would not say no, and therefore it is also important that men start to put themselves into the here magtsituationer, which exists between men and women, and that you can neither do or from. Men often think is not on the severity of it, or they do not know that it happens, but it is much deeper than that, you just feel violated, and many men do not believe that other men can be so gross and disgusting, but they can, ” she says, and continues:

– It is about unfairly much being focused on appearance rather than competence. Natasja said it in a really nice way. She said that in our time is important to remember that such a thing is not okay. You can also see that this happened for Natasja, when she was 24 years old. But it sits still in her. The stores themselves, and so she may have thought since extra much about how she looks and whether she has too much powder on.

– Why do you choose to interfere in the debate?

– I get tired, when men do not take the check, and in the case with Anders Lund Madsen being the ridiculed. He had been able to win the situation by saying that it is wrong, and come up with a proper excuse. Instead, he feels the wound on his pride, and the joker with it, ” she says, and continues:

– It was not the time for it. As a good host it’s all about, you know, when one joker, and when one does not do it. I must admit, that I was tired of him afterwards, and at my table shook we his head. He came to work as an incredibly weak and small man. It destroyed the mood. A host must be at ease, but after the situation turned it around.

Here be seen Natasja Crone on the red carpet with his girlfriend, the TV2 journalist Rasmus Tantholdt. Photo: Linda Johansen

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Anders Lund Madsen, who now regrets his handling of the situation to the TV Price.

‘The tv review was about a debatprogram on TV2 by the name of ‘Planet Denmark’ from 1995, which I quite clearly did not like. And I compared Natasja Crone with a old bitch, because TV2’s sminkøser apparently had used a lot of powder. It was insensitive, written and apparently also quite stupid, for Natasja Crone reads it and remembers it for 25 years, and when she so gets his well-deserved award, so that is what she is referring to,’ he writes in a text message to the Additional Magazine and continues:

‘So it has hurt her, and that is sin. It’s just tv, and one must not, for heaven’s sake do not take care of what all the others think about it. I have ever since the first time I was in the media, been told again and again in over 30 years that I’m ugly, disgusting, fat, unkempt, small, stupid, sygdomsbefængt, repulsive, talentless, idiotic, bebumset, oily, sickening and so on – by your own newspaper on Tuesday, in the comments to the article about Lars Loop and my new podcast where I even got to know, that I look unhealthy with the addition of the thick head’ and ‘looks like a homeless and ‘becomes uglier and uglier for every single hour that goes’. Every hour!!!’.

‘But it is in fact not so important. I know that I’m dårende beautiful, a fact Natasja Crone also very usarkastisk and not at all ironically pointed up on the stage last night. While the whole assembly cried out of laugh. And thank you for it! And in the same way by Natasja Crone without a doubt good that she never has resembled an old hag. It was what with all the powder for hulan. And pretty much powder can make anyone look like an ‘old bitch’. But I would like to apologize that I wrote it at the time. Life is definitely too short to spend time hurting decent people just because you don’t like a tv programme. Sorry. And an extra excuse for safety’s sake. For it is guaranteed not the only idiotic, I have written about other people: I’m Sorry’.

Here is Anders Lund Madsen on the red carpet. Photo: Martin Sylvest/Ritzau Scanpix