The scenes in which a dog and a newborn baby coexist are always touching. The animal acts as a “big brother” while the little one thanks him for his care.

These situations are usually quite well valued on social networks, where videos in which both relatives can be seen interacting awaken tenderness and kindness everywhere.

That’s what happened to TikTok user @brittanywinters23. In a video that has more than 2.5 million views, she has shown how her baby sleeps on top of her Labrador.

Adding to the sweetness of the scene itself, the child, when lying down, caresses the dog’s paw with his small hand, and then goes on to do so on the back of his canine brother, raising the tenderness to maximum levels.

People’s reaction in the comments has been extremely tender. Many claim that this is the language of love, while others try to resist the temptation: “They are very expensive,” some say while wishing they had something like that.