Dogs are playful animals by nature, especially the smaller ones. They have a lot of energy and they want to spend it running and jumping non-stop, and then they arrive at bedtime and fall exhausted.

However, many times humans do not have time to play with their pets, and then they have to find an alternative to let off steam. This sometimes gives rise to curious scenes.

When two different pets live in the same home, the owners want them to get along, and that is what happens with a dog and a parrot that live in the same house, as shown by the Instagram account @poodle_duri_parrot_bell.

This user uses social networks to show how his dog and a parrot get along, and in this particular video they are seen running around and playing non-stop on a bed.

The funniest moment comes when suddenly the bird lies on its back pretending to be dead and the dog looks around confused, so that the parrot gets up again and they both continue playing.

In the comments, although there are people who have expressed concern that the dog is a much larger animal and could harm the parrot, in general the reactions have been tenderness and kindness.