Sometimes, our furry friends tend to be very stubborn. We have to play when they want, because otherwise they will stop hitting us with their snout. If they get impatient or want something, they will surely end up barking at us. And they will do everything possible to rescue their favorite toy.

This last assumption also applies to those dogs that love to play with sticks found in the park or on the street. Their human friends throw them to them, they quickly go looking for them, they give it to them and they start again.

But there are furry ones that go further and look for sticks even under the water. At least, that is the case of Clover, a friendly Labrador who had no qualms about going into the sea to hunt a giant tree branch.

According to a video posted by on TikTok, the dog takes a good dip to submerge himself. The effort has a reward: a stick of enormous dimensions. Although it seems like he can’t handle it, the dog works hard to grab it tightly with its mouth.

Clover comes out of the water very happy. Its owners cannot believe that it could have picked up a branch of such size. But the furry one doesn’t stop there. As soon as he steps onto solid ground, he runs to put it in a safe place, as if it were a treasure.

The scene has generated dozens of comments among users of this social network. “If the dog has a stick he is happy,” says one. “The bigger the stick, the more proud he will feel,” adds another. “He looks very proud,” some explain. And many cannot help but notice his feat: “He is perfect.”