Dogs are sociable animals, but that necessarily means that they get along well with other furry animals. The situation is not very different inside the house. If we are thinking of adopting a second animal, we have to ensure that the adaptation is progressive and that the moment of presentation is correct.

We must never forget that dogs need their time, especially if they are adults, because their personalities will be very marked. With a little patience, we could be pleasantly surprised.

That’s what happened between a greyhound and his dachshund. The first was the veteran of the house. The second came as a new tenant. And both were condemned to understand each other.

As seen in a TikTok post, the owner gently brings the dachshund closer, which she carries in her arms. The greyhound smells it. Seeing that she doesn’t know him, she moves away from the furry boy and his reaction is not exactly one of joy.

However, as the weeks go by, the situation changes. The furry ones become inseparable. In fact, when looking for them throughout the house he finds them resting in his bed, curled up and covered with a blanket. “Friends forever,” she summarizes in her post.

The moving video has generated dozens of reactions among users of this social network. “There is nothing better than a greyhound,” says one. “Love overload,” others maintain before the tender scene. And the majority of comments agree: “I’m dying of love.”