The guide animal par excellence is the dog. When a blind person needs help to walk down the street, it is the dogs that accompany the disabled so that they do not have problems.

However, that does not mean that there are not other animals that cannot perform the same task with other efficiency, even with animals that unfortunately cannot enjoy the sense of sight.

This is what the TikTok account @petertheseeingeyedonkey aims to teach, which shows the life of Petey, a donkey who guides a mare named Luna.

In this video you can see Petey helping Luna out of the stable so they can both go for a walk. Although at first it is a little difficult for her, since Luna gives herself a small blow to the head without consequences, they end up going out and going for a walk.

In the comments, everything is praise for the work that Petey does with Luna. “A friendship like this is worth it”, “Petey we love you”, “Everyone needs a Petey in their life” are some of the messages sent.