The tender first howl of a wolf pup that thrills: “We are the bad ones”

Every week, hundreds of furry videos go viral on the Internet, showing their antics, skills and incredible occurrences. This is the case of a wolf cub that has surprised Internet users with his howling.

As the clip published on TikTok indicates, it is the first howl of its life, since the animal was only born a few weeks ago. “The heart of an animal is pure” says the heading.

The video has been shared by the account @guardian.animales, dedicated to content related to the animal world. It is for this reason that the video has other most incredible scenes, such as a hedgehog enjoying a bubble bath or a sheep playing with a child.

This tender scene has thousands of views on social networks, where users have reacted: “now I want a wolf puppy????????” or “HELP – HOW I TELL MY MOM THAT I WANT A WOLF ????????” are some of the most popular reactions. popular.