Carmen, a 66-year-old woman from Madrid, made a memorable entrance into the ‘First Dates’ restaurant. Dressed in an Arctic mink coat, Carmen shared with Carlos Sobera that she has a friend in Alaska who urges her to visit him, although she considers herself a “very hot” woman. This great-granddaughter of the Marchioness and former dolphin in another life, she came to the program looking for a new opportunity in love.

Writer and sign language interpreter, Carmen presented herself as a woman full of life and experiences. “The man thinks he is the hunter, but the woman is the one who hunts,” she said during her presentation. With three grown children and a jovial attitude, she joked that she is in a younger age percentile, since all of her friends and lovers are between 35 and 40 years old.

Carmen has been married from the age of 19 until she was over 60, and today she considers herself very in love and affectionate.

Carmen detailed the characteristics of her ideal man: “Tall, handsome, cultured and with a sense of humor, with whom I can have a coherent conversation because I can talk about any topic.” She also boasted of his high IQ and skill at board games, especially poker.

During dinner, Carmen was paired with Julián, a 64-year-old accountant, widowed and also from Madrid. However, Carmen was disappointed when she met Julián, since she was expecting someone younger, with hair and a more elegant style. Despite their initial disappointment, the two attempted to find common ground throughout the evening.

Throughout dinner, Carmen demonstrated her ability with several languages ​​and sign language, which impressed Julián although he found it difficult to follow her. At one point, Carmen confessed that in her previous life she had been a dolphin and that she had recently gotten a tattoo on her chest. The conversation became more personal when she mentioned his recent separation from her and how she had thrown a chest of memories to the bottom of the sea to leave the past behind.

Although Julián perceived that the separation had deeply affected Carmen, she preferred not to delve into the subject. However, humor played a crucial role in easing tensions between the two. In one of the games on the program, Carmen surprised Julián by talking openly about his sexual life, which generated moments of laughter and complicity: “I don’t perform fellatio, although I do let them lick my sex. “They say it tastes like a fresh oyster,” the bachelorette shared.

At the end of the date, Carmen apologized for not letting Julián speak enough and acknowledged that, although she found him interesting and with a sense of humor, she was not ready to start a new relationship. “Every night I dream about my ex. I have to go through a period of mourning. When that period closes, I will start thinking about other men,” Carmen concluded, deciding to leave alone.

Carmen and Julián said goodbye amicably, leaving open the possibility of a friendship as they both continue their respective lives.