The recent release without bail of Antonio Tejado, nephew of María del Monte, has generated a complex and nuanced reaction in the singer and his wife, Inmaculada Casal. Tejado, along with others involved in the robbery of Del Monte and Casal’s house, was released by court order, a decision that has not left anyone indifferent.

Inmaculada Casal has been visibly indignant at this decision. She does not understand how, with so much evidence against María’s nephew, the judge has allowed her to be released from prison. Casal has expressed concern that the “El Ruso” gang, to which she is linked, could commit crimes again, putting his safety and that of his wife at risk. “No one is going to take away the harm that has been done to us,” said Casal, reflecting on the lasting impact of the traumatic event.

María del Monte, although initially believing in her nephew’s presumption of innocence, has changed her mind over time as more evidence of his involvement emerged. However, both she and Casal have adopted a position of respect towards judicial decisions.

Journalist Beatriz Cortázar, in the program ‘And now Sonsoles’, commented that the couple “are neither happy nor angry” about the release, highlighting their attitude of confidence in justice and their desire for the best for everyone.

The memory of that fateful night remains painful for both of them. The intrusion into her home and the leak of her statements to the judge have significantly affected her emotional well-being. However, they have decided to maintain their faith in the judicial system, reiterating their respect for the presumption of innocence. “We respect the presumption of innocence. It was the first thing she said and today she repeated it to me again,” Cortázar noted about María del Monte’s position.

Antonio Tejado must comply with several precautionary measures to ensure his freedom, including appearing before the court on the 7th and 21st of each month and the prohibition of approaching his aunts. This last measure guarantees that there will be no contact between Tejado and María del Monte, who already rejected a video call from her nephew from prison. Additionally, his passport has been taken away to prevent any escape attempt.

Meanwhile, Tejado’s family is enthusiastically celebrating his release, anticipating a family reunion in the coming days. However, the judicial process has not yet concluded. The emptying of the defendants’ mobile phones will be crucial in determining the final sentence and, possibly, the future relationship between María del Monte and her nephew.

María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal continue to move forward with their lives, carrying with them the scars of the recent past but maintaining hope that justice will prevail. Although the relationship between María and Antonio has changed radically since the arrival of Inmaculada to the singer’s life, both women remain firm in their commitment to truth and justice.