There are times in life when it is impossible to suppress feelings and let emotions flow freely. Jennifer Garner was able to see it firsthand just a few days ago, attending one of the most special moments in the life of her eldest daughter, Violet.

The 18-year-old girl, the result of her marriage to Ben Affleck, has already completed her secondary education studies and was celebrating her graduation ceremony, which included her mother in the front row. The actress, who took countless photos of the event, could not hold back her tears as she smiled as she watched her little girl receive her diploma on stage.

As natural as ever, the interpreter of The Adam Project shared with her followers a carousel of images of the magical moment, in which she can be seen very excited. “Tell me you have a graduate without telling me you have a graduate,” she titles the post. 

Among others, the actress appears on the school grounds, outside and also on the return plane. Video from the plane shows Garner crying as she asks the camera, “How are we going to make it?” What are we going to do?”.

Other famous moms, like actress Reese Witherspoon, who has already experienced this same situation twice, reassure their friend: “Oh, honey… I know. You’ve done a great job, mom! I will be here to give you support and many hugs,” she assured.

The actress was also careful not to show any image of her eldest daughter, as she has always tried to keep her three children – the actress and Ben Affleck are also parents of Fin (15) and Samuel (12) – as far away as possible. from the media focus. What’s more, Violet herself admitted on one occasion that the paparazzi scared her, and she always wears a mask when she goes outside.

The young woman is the spitting image of her mother, and has always shown great interest in her education and reading, so it does not seem that a future in Hollywood is among her plans now that she has finished her high school studies. 

A few months ago, her mother spoke in an unprecedented way about her oldest daughter’s plans during an appearance on the Live with Kelly and Mark program, and it seems that she wants to go to college. “Emotion and stress go hand in hand, but Violet handles it like a champ and is totally in charge,” she gushed. “I’m proud of her no matter what,” she added.

Although the teenager lives with her mother in Pacific Palisades, California; She often visits her father, who lives very close to them. Violet also gets along famously with Jennifer Lopez, her father’s current wife.