The rumors about the situation of the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not stopped happening for just over a week, and with each passing day, new details emerge that shed a little more light on the couple’s alleged imminent separation shortly before their second wedding anniversary.

The lack of alliances, the fact that he has allegedly left the marital home and attending events alone have been the main signs that something is not right. Jennifer Lopez is in the midst of promoting Atlas, her new film with Netflix, and it is inevitable that she will be asked about the situation. What was avoidable was that the streaming platform itself would add fuel to the fire by promoting it, which is precisely what they have done with one of its billboards.

Specifically, with a huge fence that they have placed on one of the busiest highways in Los Angeles, Sunset Strip. On the sign, on a white background, you can read only one message: “Don’t F With J Lo.” And yes, the warning is about his character in the movie, Atlas Shepherd, but the way things are in his personal life… Better not to stir.

It must be said that this idea probably sounded great in the minds of the marketing team at the time, but it must be said that right now things are not where JLo is seen as that kind of gun-toting woman who is not willing to Accept “no” for an answer and you will end whatever it takes to save humanity. 

At least, not with his personal situation, which is what those who pass by are understanding that the message on the billboard wants to convey. To such an extent, that according to the TMZ portal, Netflix has rushed to clarify that the message is about the film, nothing to do with what Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are experiencing in their lives at this moment.

Despite the actress’ attempts to focus her efforts on making the press forget for a moment all the rumors about her alleged crisis with Ben Affleck, everything seems to fall on deaf ears. Without going any further, last Wednesday she herself had to cut off a reporter in Mexico City who wanted to go beyond her and ask her directly about her sentimental situation.

The singer was with her co-stars at the press conference in a hotel in the Mexican capital, when a journalist asked her to talk about the divorce rumors that have been circulating for days in all the international media.

With a smile, but a look that could have glared right there and then, the New York artist told him: “You know how to do it better.” The director of the film, Brad Peyton, supporting the actress, was by her side. “We are not going to do this,” she said, before ending the press conference.

At the moment, little is known about how things will be resolved, but both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are taking measures to try to dispel any rumors.