The former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, made a grand entrance at the Cannes Film Festival, marking her return to the public stage with a spectacular appearance at the Knights of Charity Gala. 

Dressed in a dazzling green dress by Vivienna Lorikeet, adorned with sequins and rhinestones, the former member of the British royal dazzled everyone present with her elegance and vitality.

Ferguson’s presence in Cannes comes after a tumultuous year in terms of his health. Princess Beatrice, her daughter, recently confirmed that her mother has successfully overcome two cancer diagnoses in the last year, including a malignant melanoma detected after a mastectomy performed the previous year.

After facing these difficult tests, Sarah demonstrated her strength and determination by appearing at the event with a radiant smile, proving that she is back stronger than ever.

Sarah’s emerald green dress, with a striking fringe detail, was praised online by fans and fashion experts, who described it as “refreshing” and “elegant.” 

With her characteristic style, the former duchess complemented her outfit with gold earrings and simple makeup, highlighting her natural beauty and positive attitude towards life.

Despite her health problems, Sarah Ferguson remains a loved and respected figure in the British royalty. Her strong bond with her family, including her daughters Beatriz and Eugenia, as well as her close relationship with Prince Andrew, have kept her strong during these difficult times. Her appearance at Cannes is a testament to her strength and resilience, inspiring others with her bravery and grace in the face of her adversity.