José Ortega Cano is not going through his best moment. Although his media war with his ex-partner, Ana María Aldón, ended a few months ago, the figure of the former bullfighter has once again been in the center of the media spotlight due to a series of information that has come to light about his financial situation. .  

As revealed this past Tuesday by the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, TardeAR, Rocío Jurado’s former partner was on the brink of embargo. But the Telecinco afternoon program went much further and uncovered the debts that could end up affecting her residence. There are three accounts for quantities that exceed 100,000 and have been produced for a long time.

”He cannot fulfill the financial obligations he has with Ana María Aldón because he has problems. “He could be left homeless,” they claimed. Quintaba’s space revealed that the former bullfighter’s current residence had been receiving seizure notices for three years. 

The first notice came in 2021 corresponding to a debt of 53,000 with the Aldea del Fresno city council. The second notification appeared in 2023 with a debt of 62,000 euros related to the efforts of two bullfighting companies. The third came as a result of an endorsement from a third party whose details are unknown. In addition, the magazine specified that the first debt would be related to taxes pending payment and the third would be waiting for a credit. 

But if all these problems were not enough, the Más Madrid political party will ask at the next Municipal Plenary Session of San Sebastián de los Reyes for the closure of the space called ‘Ortega Cano Room’ within the ‘El Caserón’ Ethnographic Museum. The Madrid party denounces that it is impossible to know the exact cost of public money involved in maintaining this room in the municipal museum or the visits that this specific space receives in a year. 

”In the next plenary session we will ask for the closure of the Ortega Cano museum, which should never have been opened. This space should be dedicated to issues of general interest to all residents,” said Ángela Millán, councilor for Más Madrid in the municipality’s City Council.