The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the last installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, with the time jump of several months already carried out, Cruz appears very melancholic about Manuel’s departure to war with Curro, and is devastated thinking that her son can having died in the fight. As an escape valve, she organizes a dinner to celebrate Manuel’s birthday, although this is not well received by Alonso, who cannot stand the marchioness. A new character appears, María Antonia, an old acquaintance of the Luján, whose presence helps alleviate the pain caused by Manuel’s absence and acts as a balm for the tense relationship between the marquises. However, her arrival will end up bringing big problems to the marriage.

On the other hand, Catalina has exiled herself to the hangar due to a past affront by Cruz and there is no trace of Pelayo, who left La Promesa after being discovered in more unforgivable lies. Catalina tries to turn the page, but her wounds remain open. María Fernández, on the other hand, did not accept the job with the Dukes of Abrontes and continues at La Promesa. Vera and Santos are now forced together, which embitters Lope, who has plunged into a dark world and owes money to dangerous people. Furthermore, Petra, the new housekeeper, abuses her position to humiliate the maids, especially Pía, who has been demoted to maid and suffers especially cruel treatment. For her part, Jana suffers in silence the agony of not having news of her lover and her brother in the war for more than a month, fearing that they have perished in the bloodiest conflict. 

In the next chapter of La Promesa, the Lujáns receive a letter from the front informing them that Manuel and Curro do not appear in the casualty records. Far from reassuring the family, this news increases the unrest in La Promesa. In this climate of tension, Rómulo shows his concern to Alonso about the situation of Catalina, who is still housed in the hangar. The butler has discovered Cruz and Lorenzo’s macabre plan to send her to a mental hospital and sets out to help her be warned, although he knows it will not be an easy task.

On the other hand, Simona confesses to Candela that things with Virtudes are not good, while Salvador advises Lope to forget about Vera, since it is evident that she is with Santos and that she has no chance of changing that situation. Furthermore, Petra takes advantage of her new position to cruelly attack Pía and does not allow corrections. However, an unexpected visit threatens to turn Pía’s existence into a much bigger nightmare: Gregorio, her husband who was about to end her life, has been released from prison and returned to Luján.