No one lives here was a phenomenon on the Spanish small screen. To this day, the fiction starring Malena Alterio, Fernando Tejero, José Luis Gil or Loles León, among others, continues to be one of the most viewed in the history of our country and some of its scenes, already transformed into memes, are used daily on social networks like X in a humorous way.

The success of the project was so great that, 21 years after its premiere, its protagonists continue to be remembered for the Caballero brothers’ series. This is the case of María Adánez, who played Lucía in fiction, popularly known by her neighbors as ‘la pija’.

The artist has attended the Hoy por hoy program on Cadena Ser and has spoken about different aspects of her career and professional career. However, she has not been able to avoid talking about her time in AQHQV, some glorious years in which they worked hard and knew what true success and overwhelming popularity were.

At one point in the conversation, Adánez fondly remembered one of his colleagues from the original cast: Mariví Bilbao. The actress, who died in 2013 at the age of 83, always stood out for her carefree and party-loving nature. This personality of hers made many members of her team become very fond of her and, years later, they were very sorry for her death.

In the interview with Àngels Barceló, in addition to talking about his father and other anecdotes such as a dinner he had with Hellen Mirren, Adánez was honest and gave his opinion about Bilbao: ”Mariví Bilbao was a genius. “She was one of those very cool, very personal women of that generation.” 

The interpreter has revealed that the famous phrase ‘How cute this girl always is’ was not written by any scriptwriter, but rather that the woman put it into her role and the team found it hilarious: ”We all liked it so much, including Laura who “I was directing the chapters, to Alberto… who already stayed.”

María Adánez has not only had words of love and affection for Mariví, but she has also openly explained that she still finds it difficult to accept the death of actress Verónica Forqué to this day.

”I don’t believe it, Àngels. I dont believe it. It still seems to me that Verónica is among us, with us. It’s still hard for me to assimilate (…) With the passage of time I have learned a little more about the story, but I can’t quite assimilate it (…) It’s a great shame,” said the 48-year-old actress.