Tamara Falcó has managed to establish herself as a recurring character on television sets. From her role as a talk show host on the current affairs table of El Hormiguero, to her work as a jury on El Desafío, the marquise has become a face that is usually associated with Antena 3 programs, despite the fact that she has decided to go to the competence.

And, therefore, it is not surprising that he has become good friends with some of the presenters of this network. It is well known that she maintains a friendly relationship with Pablo Motos. However, it was not known, until now, that he could also maintain a very good relationship with Susanna Griso.

This Thursday, the Espejo Público presenter spoke openly about her relationship with Isabel Preysler’s daughter and revealed that she had a conversation with her at the time that Íñigo Onieva’s infidelity came to light. So much so, that she has stated that she was up to date with everything that was happening in the relationship during that difficult moment for the marchioness.

“It seemed difficult to me when I spoke with her,” he confessed, without going into the depths of the matter. However, she has made it clear that Falcó did not have a good time and has hinted that he showed her his support during that situation.

And this is exactly what Tamara Falcó herself has spoken about in her latest interview for Yo Dona, which has also been featured in the aforementioned program. “I hate lies, it horrifies me. I try to forgive everything, forgiveness is a gift. There was so much damage there. All those wounds need time to heal. I would not have been able to forgive Íñigo on my own, it took a long time,” she expressed.

Among other things, the socialite has once again relapsed into her desire to be a mother. Something that she has been looking for since she walked down the aisle with Onieva in July 2023. Although it is costing her more than she would like: “Maybe it can’t be, the most important thing is marriage. If the children come later, then good.”

And although Tamara Falcó is focusing on her marriage and her desire to be a mother, in the professional field it is being a very good time for her. A few days ago, the signing of the Marchioness of Griñón for Got Talent España, on Telecinco, came to light. A decision that has generated numerous negative comments on social networks.

And, although he will go to the Antena 3 competition, as they made clear in one of his last appearances on the ants program, he will continue to go to the set of El Hormiguero. “Are you going to kick me out?” Tamara Falcó asked live. “Not in any way. “Surely not,” answered Pablo Motos.