After almost a month away, Dani Mateo returns to television. The presenter of Zapeando and collaborator of El Intermedio was forced to be absent from work due to a recently suffered traffic accident that left him with a crack in his sternum caused by the airbag being activated.

During this time, the presenter has had to stay at home resting and not being able to move normally, as he himself explained a week ago in a live video call connection to Zapeando, which Valeria Ros and Miki hosted in his absence. Nadal, successfully.

A rest that comes to an end, as the presenter returns to his program on Thursday. It was precisely Miki Nadal who was in charge of announcing this long-awaited news on Wednesday afternoon, during the cooking section of Gipsy Chef. “I’ll announce it from here, plan please… Dani Mateo returns to Zapeando.”, confirmed the comedian, provoking applause from the audience present in the studio.

“We are waiting. If you come, I won’t come anymore and that’s how I rest, it’s very good for me,” the Zaragoza native joked. “Can you imagine that he comes unrecognizable, that he has used this month to have surgery on his face?” Quique Torito added, jokingly, making a joke about the possible consequences that the accident could have had on Dani Mateo.

Dani Mateo is expected to rejoin Zapeando, but it is unknown if he will also join El Intermedio, the other program in which he collaborates from Granollers.

During all this time, the Catalan comedian has participated in his two top programs. Of course, by video call and from his house. In Zapeando he explained some details of his accident, revealing the reason why he could not serve as a regular presenter of the program.

“People want to know,” asked his replacement, Miki Nadal. Thus, with his positive attitude and characteristic smile, despite the pain of his injury, the presenter explained that he was “upset” after having suffered a traffic accident. 

“I had a small accident with the car and then the airbag went off,” he explained. ”I have made a small crack in my sternum. It doesn’t allow me to move, it’s something I don’t usually do,” warning his colleagues not to make jokes and think about his situation: “I can’t laugh, it hurts me.”

He did the same with Gran Wyoming for his fans of the night who would not have had the opportunity to see him in Zapeando. The presenter, unfortunately, could not be present at the special for the 18th anniversary of the program. El Gran Wyoming highlighted the presenter: “The most insightful of you will have realized that someone very important is missing: Dani Mateo.”