Ángel Cristo’s adventure in Survivors 2024 has come to an end. After more than two months being one of the main protagonists of the edition and starring in numerous confrontations with his companions, Bárbara Rey’s son had to say goodbye to the contest after having crossed the security perimeter of the area and putting his life and that of the rest of the program team. 

”After analyzing the images, the organization has made the determination that the contestant immediately put an end to his time in the contest,” Carlos Sobera revealed during the program Tierra de Nadie last night. 

In addition, the presenter, Carlos Sobera, starred in half of the program in a confrontation with Ángel Cristo’s defender about the incident that happened weeks ago on a boat between Bárbara Rey’s son and the presenter and in which there was an alleged physical attack by part of Arantxa del Sol. An event that the program decided to hide from the audience until the presenter was expelled. 

”Arantxa del Sol has been separated from the Survivor contest for more than a week. Ángel was asked by the organization if he wanted to report the facts and he preferred not to report it,’ the presenter said. Kiko Matamoros spoke openly about this whole matter this Wednesday on the program Ni que fuerámos shhh. 

”Yesterday I felt sorry for Carlos Sobera because the poor guy didn’t know how to handle the situation,” Belén Esteban declared first. ”He seems like a great professional to me, I have really enjoyed when I have been in programs that he has presented, he seems like a nice guy who reaches out to the public,” Matamoros began by saying while ensuring that yesterday was not the best night of he. 

”They put him in a situation that was impossible to govern. That is to say, Sobera lied like a scoundrel on set and they forced him to lie. And poor Sobera has to eat a toad that goes against his image because, in the end, what people don’t understand is that you are a man who is serving the dish that they are cooking for you somewhere else and you look terrible and today there was a lot of criticism,” he continued. Furthermore, the collaborator insisted that the presenter tried to defend the situation with Arantxa “by lying like a scoundrel.”