One of those killed in the collapse of the Medusa Beach Club on Palma beach is Abdoulaye Diop, one of the two Senegalese who in 2017 rescued a bather in distress on s’Arenal beach. According to the Balearic media Última Hora, the deceased saved a man from drowning along with his friend Oumar M’bengue. Both worked as doormen at the Black Magic nightclub when they saved the bather’s life, which made them, much to their regret, well-known people on the island and they were decorated by the Local Police.

“It was two degrees and the water was frozen, but when you see a person like that you act without thinking to save their life,” they declared in an interview that took place after their heroic action. Apparently, a woman approached them to ask for help because the man accompanying her had gone into the water without returning and they lent him her phone to call emergencies.

When the police arrived, both Abdoulaye and his friend Oumar jumped into the sea to find the swimmer with the help of an officer’s flashlight. Not only did they find him, but they managed to drag him to the shore so that he could be treated by medical personnel. 

A friend of Abdoulaye confirmed before the RTVE cameras that at the time of the collapse in Platja de Palma, the Senegalese was having a coffee as usual, since “he used to come and have it when he left the gym.”

At the moment, the death of three more people has been reported apart from Diop. The number of injured is 16: nine serious and seven very serious, five of them in very critical condition, all remain hospitalized.