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After yesterday’s storms, this Friday at dawn, on GavĂ  beach, we were able to enjoy this scene of the plane as if it were landing in the sun.

A wink of the sun, which has disappeared at the moment, waiting to see if there are new storms for today. We can enjoy the image in this snapshot in La Vanguardia’s Readers’ Photos.

An optical illusion leads us to perceive reality in various ways. It may be physiological in nature, associated with the effects of excessive stimulation in the eyes or brain (brightness, color, movement, etc.).

Or also of a cognitive nature, in which our knowledge of the world intervenes (such as Rubin’s vase in which we perceive two faces from the side or a vase indistinctly).

Many artists have taken advantage of optical illusions to give their works a magical appearance, depth, ambiguity and contrasts. Photography does not escape these types of effects, as we can see with this image of the plane above the sun.

Perspective also comes into play. In this case, the image makes us understand that we are looking at a plane capable of landing on the sun. The optical effect and perspective of the snapshot gives us an unexpected, surprising point of view.